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Although more than 80 percent of U.S. businesses lease equipment, according to the Small Business Administration, it remains a relatively uncommon practice in the cleaning industry. That means when it comes to choosing between buying or leasing, many facility managers and BSCs feel dazed and confused.

In short, a lease allows users to make payments to a vendor to borrow a machine for a set length of time. When the contract is up, the user returns the equipment to the leasing firm. It’s a fairly straightforward arrangement, but like most things, there are pros and cons.

The Benefits of Leasing

Typically, a lease requires only a small or no down payment. Lease payments come from the operating budget (showing up on the balance sheet as an expense, not a purchase), which preserves working capital. A portion of or all of the leasing fees are tax deductible as an operating expense, In fact, Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code allows for accelerated deductions, which can be a very effective tax strategy.

Leasing can also protect a business’ credit, allowing it to save its bank-borrowing capacity for other needs or emergencies. Equipment is typically leased new, so the borrower gets it during the most trouble-free part of its lifespan. Vendors usually offer the same level of support to their leasees as they do to buyers.

Low Monthly Payment

The monthly payments on a lease are lower than on a bank loan to buy the same equipment.

New Equipment

Premium Support

Tax Advantage

Our Leasing Partners

All-Lines Leasing

Since 1972, All-Lines Leasing has specialized in leasing options for commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. Whether you are a business owner, equipment distributor, or BSC, All-Lines Leasing has financing options for you and your customers. Register and receive a quick quote or access the online application toolkit, under online tools.

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QuickSpark is a quality financial institution that can assist cleaning professionals in securing the funds for their next lease. QuickSpark uses web based integration to connect to a large number of Manufacturers, therefor offering end users a wide range of new opportunities for its customers.

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