Using a Mop is the LEAST EFFECTIVE Way to Clean!


Not only is cleaning floors with a mop and bucket tedious work, but mop cleaning spreads more bacteria and germs than it removes, leaves behind potentially dangerous wet floors that require additional drying time, and takes more time than alternative methods.

“A smaller footprint comes with a smaller
price tag than a traditional full-size scrubber.”

Enter the Micro-Scrubber ck_right

Historically, auto-scrubbers were large and could only be used in bigger areas. It would have been difficult to maneuver a scrubber in the average restaurant kitchen, restroom or locker room, so cleaning staff typically resorted to a mop and bucket. If you think about cleaning a greasy kitchen floor with mops or even scrub brushes on a handle versus an auto-scrubber, you’ll quickly appreciate the benefits micro-scrubbers afford today.

Still a young technology, micro-scrubbers are growing in popularity. A micro-scrubber is any compact scrubber whose width does not exceed 17”. Micro-scrubbers offer easier, more productive cleaning methods. Smaller in shape and capacity, these mini machines replace mop-and-bucket cleaning to get into tight spaces that a traditional 20-inch or larger scrubber isn’t efficient or effective in, such as public bathrooms, cafeterias, and classrooms.

“According to ISSA’s Cleaning Times, a 17” scrubber can clean more than 12,700 sq. ft. per hour versus a 16oz mop that cleans approximately 4,100 sq. ft. per hour.”

The Benefits Are Numerous

The primary benefit of any scrubber (large or small) is effectiveness. By design, an auto scrubber holds cleaning solution, puts it on the floor, scrubs, and then recovers the dirty solution in one pass. Compared to the alternative (mopping) a micro-scrubber:

  • Increases the quality of cleaning via scrubbing
  • Helps reduce slip and falls since the solution  is recovered in the cleaning pass, leaving the  floor clean, dry, and safer than a mop can.
  • Dramatically increases productivity.
  • According to ISSA’s Cleaning Times, a 17” scrubber can clean more than  12,700 sq. ft. per hour versus a 16oz mop that cleans approximately 4,100 sq.  ft. per hour. That’s three times more efficient in this particular comparison, but it can be as much as 5 times or even more efficient, depending on the area to be cleaned.
  • Effectiveness dramatically increases since mops lack agitation power. In  addition, effectiveness is impacted by the fact that mops can sling dirty solution  onto baseboards, furniture legs, walls, and other surfaces versus auto-scrubbers that contain the solution.
  • Auto-scrubbers help avoid cross-contamination, compared to mops which spread dirty solution.
  • The active water recovery of an auto-scrubber contributes to high-performance cleaning versus mopping which can leave dirt and chemical residue on the floor  that contributes to resoiling and buildup on floors

Here are Seven Reasons a Micro-Scrubber
Might be a Good Fit for Your Operation

7 Reasons to Consider Micro-Scrubbers

If you’ve not yet invested in a compact scrubber, here are some compelling reasons to make the switch.

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