The OB 20/14

The OB 20/14

Walk-Behind Auto-Scrubber

Tornado Industries is proud to present a proven orbital technology, now refined and combined with the ease of auto-scrubbing. By merging the sheer power of an orbital cleaner with the convenience of an auto-scrubber, the Tornado OB 20/14 further adds to the comprehensive lineup of Tornado auto-scrubbers. With high RPMs and constant downward pressure, this machine can remove floor finish and pick up the residue without the use of chemicals. The power, performance, and versatility are undeniable in the Tornado OB 20/14.

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  • Perfect for commercial buildings, hotels, schools, retail shops, and hospitals
  • Sustainable cleaning with giant gains in productivity
  • 20” cleaning path
  • Simple user interface
  • Exceptionally durable rotomolded polyethylene construction
  • Low sight line profile
  • Whisper-quiet 67 dB
  • Eco-Friendly sealed batteries available
  • Heavy-duty, four sided parabolic squeegee
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Stainless steel battery tray
  • Manual adjustment of pad pressure
  • ModelOB 20/14
    Product Number99694
    Squeegee Width30.3" / 770mm
    Pad Dimensions20" x 14" / 508mm x 256mm
    Brush Motor 31A, 1hp, 750W
    Drive System Traction
    Maximum Gradient 10%
    Vacuum Motor 16.6A, .5hp, 400W
    Vacuum 48" water lift / 120 mbar
    Length 49" / 1244mm
    Height 43" / 1098mm
    Width (w/o squeegee) 21.5 / 548mm
    Weight (w/o batteries) 262 lbs / 119 kg
    Traction Motor 16.6A, .5hp, 400W
    Pad Pressure 77-110 lbs. / 35-50 kg
    Noise Level 67db (A)
    Speed 2/3 mph / 3.2/4.5kph
    Battery Types 150 Ah Wet-Acid (2 required) or 230 Ah AGM (2 required)
    Voltage 24 VDC
    Theoretical Productivity 24,219ftsq/h 2250msq/h

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