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BR 13/1 MW
Fort Worth TX     $0.00

Additional Details
The BR 131/1 MW is easier on the indoor environment and makes cleaning so simple, it is actually enjoyable. In-house facility managers, building engineers, housekeepers and BSCs will appreciate the BR 13/1 MW’s superior flexibility, advanced productivity and reduced environmental impact. This demo model has minimal wear and tear (note: it has a scuff right behind the solution hose), but it has been through our service center and is ready to get back to work! We have three of these in stock so call for more information today!

Quick Specs:
• 13" cleaning path
• 1 gal. solution tank
• 69 dBA
• 55 lbs
• Cleans 3775 sq. ft./ hr.
• Serial Number: 0000155

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