What We Do

Tornado Industries, Inc. is dedicated to delivering “Best-in-Class” commercial and industrial cleaning equipment and after-sale service that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers. In the industrial cleaning business for over 85 years, Tornado® has a strong entrepreneurial history of partnering with in-house cleaners, contractors and facility managers to provide cleaning solutions that deliver innovation, reliability and competitive pricing.  

Developed for cleaning professionals, by cleaning professionals, Tornado’s machines are created to maximize cleaning efficiency and speed, minimize the impact of cleaning on indoor environments, and reduce the total cost of cleaning — all factors resulting in greater profitability for your organization. Tornado’s industry-acclaimed products tackle the unique cleaning challenges faced in a variety of markets.

Our Focus

Our Company Mission

Our sole purpose is to design, manufacture and market innovative, world-class commercial floor care equipment to clean the whole facility in a sustainable manner, from carpets, to hard floors and grouted tile, to fabrics and upholstery. This results in cleaner, healthier indoor environments for building occupants, and reduces your cost to clean while improving profits.

Industries Served

Commitment to the Environment

As an organization, we are deeply committed to creating a clean, safe and healthy workplace through the use of innovative cleaning technology developed to minimize the impact of cleaning on indoor and outdoor environments. Tornado® embraces core ecological and corporate values including water conservation, less use of harsh chemicals, improvement of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through the use of HEPA filtration and advanced infiltration systems, and the use of components that are reusable and recyclable.  We proudly support the standards and criteria established by the U.S. Green Building Council, The Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Green Label Certification program, among others.


Tornado Industries maintains Chicagoland corporate headquarters in West Chicago, and manufacturing operations from our state-of-the-art, product management and development centers located in St. James Missouri, and Fort Worth Texas. Tornado's fully-integrated development, engineering and assembly teams work together, ensuring Tornado's ability to deliver "Best in Class" cleaning equipment, the most competitive pricing available, and rapid speed-to-market, meeting the market's toughest cleaning challenges today.



Tornado’s innovative cleaning equipment is rigorously tested to meet electric safety, electromagnetic emission, health and public safety standards across the globe. When required, our industrial and commercial cleaning machines are fully tested and certified by some of the following independent testing laboratories: