If a facility isn’t clean, or at least perceived to be clean and healthy, occupants will not frequent that business. And when it comes to restrooms, the expectation of cleanliness escalates even higher. The last thing you want is for your customers or building occupants to dread entering your restroom, as it can reflect negatively on your business, even impacting the bottom line if you are a retail, education or health care facility.

Restrooms can be the source of germs, bacteria and contaminants which, if not cleaned properly, can be transferred throughout a facility, impacting the overall health and safety of a building.

Due to their small, compact foot print, restrooms are especially challenging to clean. Typically cleaned with a mop and bucket, this method is ineffective and can serve to spread contaminants across the floor, rather than clean it. And these contaminants can be carried throughout the entire building, making building occupants sick. To ensure your facility’s health and safety, your restrooms require flexible floor care technology to clean underneath hard-to-reach stalls or counters, and penetrate grouted surfaces often found in small bathrooms or kitchens. Cylindrical brush technology can provide the deep scrubbing power needed to clean these uneven floor surfaces to restore grouted tile or clean stone, paver or low-maintenance cement floors.

Benefits of Tornado® Micro-Scrubbers:

  • Small, compact foot-print to clean hard-to-reach spaces in restrooms
  • Penetrate grouted tile to eliminate dirt and contaminants
  • Lay down cleaning solution and picks it back up with powerful vacuum motor, removing soil
  • Low-moisture cleaning technology to reduce water and chemical waste
  • Increase facility health and safety

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