Commercial Floor Scrubbers

Whether you only need to clean small, tight spaces or an entire warehouse, we have a full line of scrubbers from compact to ride-on to handle any job. With many customizable options available, Tornado will make sure you get the right product for the right job so your space stays clean and picture perfect. Search below to learn more about our automatic scrubber lines.
Multi-Surface Scrubbers
BR 16/3
Compact Floor Scrubber
BD 14/4
Compact Cordless Scrubber
BD 17/6
Compact Cordless Scrubber
BR 18/11
Cylindrical Cleaning Technology
BD 20/11L & BD 20/11LT
Floorkeeper 20 and 24 Disk
Created 1965, Perfected 2019
Floorkeeper 20 and 28 Orbital
Created 1965, Perfected 2019
BR 22/14T and BD 26/14
Medium Walk-Behind
Floorkeeper 28 Disk
Created 1965, Perfected 2019
BDSO 27/28
Stand-On Auto-Scrubber
BR 28/27 and BD 26/27
Ride-On Automatic Scrubbers
BR & BD 33/30
Ride-On Automatic Scrubber
Tornado Scrubbers
Now available with NexSys sealed batteries!