World-Class Automatic Scrubbers Built for Today's Cleaning Challenges

Whether you need a traditional disc scrubber or a low-moisture cylindrical brush scrubber to clean grout lines or penetrate low-maintenance hard floors, Tornado’s industry-leading auto-scrubbers deliver the innovation and functionality you need to get the job done profitably.

If you are faced with cleaning congested, hard-to-reach spaces in commercial facilities, we have one of the most comprehensive micro-scrubber offerings available on the market today.

When it comes to automatic scrubbers, Tornado provides the widest range of products and technological innovation in today's market. Regardless of your flooring type, Tornado’s machines will meet your unique cleaning needs and help to greatly reduce slips and falls that can occur after cleaning. For difficult and uneven flooring surfaces such as brick paver, quarry tile or raised rubber flooring, Tornado’s cylindrical brush machines will tackle those hard-to-clean surfaces with speed and efficiency, while delivering low-moisture technology.

The floor care business is tough, but Tornado's automatic floor scrubbers are tougher. Our complete scrubber line delivers an option for every cleaning challenge. Not only do these floor scrubbers maximize performance, but every model is designed to fuel profits.

The benefits include:

  • Disc and cylindrical technologies
  • Low-moisture brush scrubbing
  • Durable equipment with less machine down-time
  • Super-quiet operation
  • Parabolic squeegees
  • Long continuous run-times
  • Your choice of batteries
  • Quick brush change capabilities
  • Service center locations across America

Our Full Range of Automatic Scrubbers

Compact Floor Scrubbers

When addressing the cleaning needs of today’s compact floor spaces, Tornado® delivers the most comprehensive range of micro-scrubbers available on the market today. Choose from compact 13 in., 14 in. and 17 in. walk-behind units designed to clean underneath counters and hard-to-reach spaces in quick-serve restaurants, convenience stores, retail spaces, commercial office spaces and much more.

Mid-Range Floor Scrubbers

Tornado’s Mid-Range line of walk-behind scrubbers are designed for use in small to moderately spaced interiors and deliver world class scrubbing performance. Available in 18 in., 20 in., 22 in. and 26 in. with both disc and cylindrical options, the Mid-Range line gives operators the tools to tackle almost any cleaning challenge.

Long-Range Floor Scrubbers

The Long-Range automatic scrubbers offer a wide cleaning path, large capacity solution and recovery tanks, and are constructed with a tough rotomold polyethylene body, ensuring years of maximum performance and reliability. Available in 26 in and 28 in cleaning paths, these units are perfect for use in grocery stores, retail facilities, hospitals, warehouses or any other large areas that smaller walk-behind units struggle to clean quickly and efficiently.

Ride-On Floor Scrubbers

Renew hard floor surfaces in large, unobstructed spaces faster than ever before with Tornado’s Ride-On automatic scrubbers. These 26 in, 28 in, 33 in and 40 in models, available in disc and cylindrical options, have the features to solve your toughest cleaning challenges, as well as increase cleaning productivity, in areas including supermarkets, manufacturing plants, airports, exhibit halls and much more.

Disc and Cylindrical Technologies

Disc Scrubbing:

Extremely versatile, disc scrubbers will clean or strip wax from hard floor surfaces and offer easy-to-change, inexpensive pads or brushes in a variety of styles ranging from soft to abrasive, depending on your facility’s floor type. Disc scrubbers are the traditional industry standard technology and are commonly used in grocery stores, schools, commercial facilities, and more.

Cylindrical Brush Scrubbing:

Cylindrical brush machines deliver a deeper, more thorough clean when scrubbing low-maintenance hard floors, natural stone, grouted tile, cement, or brick pavers. What’s more, cylindrical brushes turn at speeds that are three times the rotation of a disc brush, providing a deeper cleaning experience ideal for both uneven and smooth floor types.

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