Carpet Care

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Tornado offers a full line of carpet cleaning equipment including: Industry leading upright vacuums, canister vacuums, backpack vacuums, blowers and dryers, upright and self-contained extractors, and spotters. Click on any of the units below to learn how our industry leading units can be the solution to your carpet cleaning needs.
Marathon SE 900
Self-Contained Carpet Extractor
Mini-Marathon 370
Carpet Extractor
Surge 10
Mid-size Carpet Extractor
ECO 500 Series of Recycling Extractors
Mid-Sized Recycling Carpet Extractor
Pro-Series Recycling Extractor
13 and 15 gallon recycling extractor
Cascade 20 Recycling Carpet Extractor
Self-Contained Recycling Extractor
CK ULW 13/1
Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum
The CK LW 13/1 Roam
Roam Free With No Cords
CK 14/1 Series
Now with a new base model!
Deluxe CVD Upright Vacuums - Single Motor
Deluxe Features, Unmatched Performance
Deluxe CVD Upright Vacuums- Dual Motors
Deluxe Features, Unmatched Performance
CK 3030
Dual Motor Upright Vacuum
Pac-VacĀ® Aircomfort
Backpack Vacuums
Pac-Vac 6 Roam
Comfortable and Cordless
TV 2 SS Canister Vacuum
Power Meets Quiet Operation
Windshear Storm
"Driven Air" Blower/Dryer
The Windshear 3200 Dryer
Fast and Powerful Area Dryer
Windshear Sidedraft
Windshear Downdraft
Whole Room Dryer
PS 8220 Spotter
Professional Spotter
Marathon 1200
12 Gal. Carpet Extractor
Marathon 2000
20 gal. Carpet Extractor
Ozone Generator
Eliminate Odors, Mold and More