Carpet Care

Commercial Capet Cleaning Equipment

Tornado offers a full line of carpet cleaning equipment including: Industry leading upright vacuums, canister vacuums, backpack vacuums, blowers and dryers, upright and self-contained extractors, and spotters. Click on any of the units below to learn how our industry leading units can be the solution to your carpet cleaning needs.
Mini-Marathon 370
Carpet Extractor
Surge 10
Mid-size Carpet Extractor
ECO 500 Series of Recycling Extractors
Mid-Sized Recycling Carpet Extractor
Pro-Series Recycling Extractor
13 and 15 gallon recycling extractor
Cascade 20 Recycling Carpet Extractor
Self-Contained Recycling Extractor
CK ULW 13/1
Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum
The CK LW 13/1 Roam
Roam Free With No Cords
CK 14/1 Series
Now with a new base model!
Deluxe CVD Upright Vacuums - Single Motor
Deluxe Features, Unmatched Performance
Deluxe CVD Upright Vacuums- Dual Motors
Deluxe Features, Unmatched Performance
CK 3030
Dual Motor Upright Vacuum
Pac-VacĀ® Aircomfort
Backpack Vacuums
Pac-Vac 6 Roam
Comfortable and Cordless
TV 2 SS Canister Vacuum
Power Meets Quiet Operation
Windshear Storm
"Driven Air" Blower/Dryer
The Windshear 3200 Dryer
Fast and Powerful Area Dryer
Windshear Sidedraft
Windshear Downdraft
Whole Room Dryer
PS 8220 Spotter
Professional Spotter
Marathon 800 and 1200
8/12 Gal. Carpet Extractors
Marathon 2000
20 gal. Carpet Extractor
BR MW Family
Multi-Surface Scrubber
Ozone Generator
Eliminate Odors, Mold and More