Let Tornado help you maintain "white glove" accommodation excellence for the business that never closes.

As the most trusted name in hospitality cleaning equipment, let Tornado help you increase cleaning productivity, lower operating costs, boost profits, and improve the overall cleanliness and health of your property’s indoor environment. And for the business that never closes, our world-class equipment enables you to clean guest rooms, conference rooms and food courts quickly and efficiently, so your spaces are immaculate and ready for the next guests to arrive.

Whether you are a destination hotel, exclusive resort, or an extended-stay property, your business must deliver an unforgettable, clean and comfortable accommodation experience for your guests every time. This positive accommodation experience is paramount to the success of your business.

That’s why Tornado’s best-in-class floor care equipment is the choice to deliver "white glove” accommodation excellence. With Tornado, setting the standard of cleanliness, comfort, health, and safety means happier customers, a stronger brand, and increased sales and profits for your property.

Some of the benefits of choosing Tornado® floor care equipment for hospitality:

  • Clean rooms quickly and efficiently
  • Clean sustainably, with 4-stage filtration systems to help improve indoor air quality
  • Durable equipment with less machine down-time
  • Differentiate your property from your competition
  • Improve facility health and safety

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