Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked service questions on a variety of our cleaning machines. Some topics include battery maintenance, vacuum suction, solution flow, and more. Of course, if you continue to experience problems with your machine after following the initial trouble-shooting instructions below, please contact Tornado's Customer Service Department at 1.800.VACUUMS for assistance and to set up a service maintenance call.

Battery Maintenance

Q: Why won't my battery hold a charge?

A: If the problem is that the unit is not holding a charge (only runs for a few minutes and then shuts down) make sure the charger is being connected correctly. Have the batteries been maintained (checked for water weekly and distilled water added as needed)? Make sure the correct type of charger is being used (gel charger for gel batteries wet charger for wet batteries). Try to determine the age of the batteries.

Tank Vacuums

Q: Why doesn't my tank vacuum have any suction?

A: If the problem is no suction, try to determine whether or not the vacuum motor is running. If the vacuum motor is running, check for clogged hoses or vacuum leaks. If you are working with a tank vacuum (TaskForce or HeadMaster), remove the hose from the squeegee assembly and cover the hose with a hand. If there is good suction at that point the problem is in the squeegee assembly. Check for clogs in the throat of the squeegee, where the suction hose attaches, and between the blades. What kind of shape are the squeegee blades in. Are they reversible? Reversible blades are about 3" high while single edge blades are about 1.5" high. Have they been reversed? If there is little or no suction at the hose the problem is probably a clogged hose or a vacuum leak around a one of the gaskets

Upright Vacuums

Q: Why doesn't the suction work on my upright vacuum?

A: If the problem is no suction on a CV 30, or if the unit keeps shutting off and can not be restarted for 30-45 minutes, the unit is clogged. This unit has a thermal protection switch, which shuts the unit off if the motor reaches a certain temperate, 170-180º F. This is normal operation. To clear the clog, remove the hose and wand from the unit and separate them. The hose is released by pressing the white plastic ring in the housing. The two are separated by simply unscrewing them. Remember this threaded connection uses a left-handed, or reverse, thread. By looking through each of these pieces, the user can ensure they are not clogged. To check the lower hose, it is easiest to lay the unit on its side. Remove the glide sole by turning the yellow turn locks to line up with the slots and then removing the glide sole. Remove the yellow connector the wand was plugged into. You should be able to see the brush through the hose from the rear of the machine.


Q: Why isn't the solution flow working on my scrubber?

A: If the trouble is that there is no solution flow, check that the knob is moving the linkage and the valve. On electric solution control models, you will most likely need to contact Tornado Customer Service so you can be referred to a local service center.

Q: Why won't my 530 Scrubber charge?

A: The back of the machine has 2 red plugs that you need to pull apart. One of those plugs will stay mounted on the machine, the other will be dangling. You need to connect the charger plug into the one that dangles.

Q: My Scrubber has no suction?

A: If the vac motor is running, check for suction on the squeegee hose. If you have suction, check for a clog in the squeegee assembly. If there is no suction at the hose, check the hose for clogs.

Q: The Scrubber pad will not turn?

A: Check first to make sure the pad retainer is in good working condition. Also make sure the pad holder is engaging the motor properly.

Q: Why is my Scrubber is leaking solution water?

A: Make sure the solution control is at the off or minimum position.

Q: My scrubber is leaving streaks behind?

A: Always make sure the floor has been pre-swept before using the scrubber. Check to see if the blades are cut or worn. If so, you'll need to replace them.

Floor Buffer

Q: Why won't my floor buffer turn on?

A: Try resetting the machine and wall circuit breaker, then try turning it on again.