When it comes to cleaning and maintaining industrial facilities such as factories, metal shops and warehouses, Tornado’s industrial vacuums can get the job done!

From the tool shop, factory floor to the warehouse, Tornado’s floor care equipment will help you achieve a clean environment in the harshest of industrial settings.


Whether you are cleaning metal shavings, wood chips, plastic, or wet-dry materials, Tornado’s world-class industrial cleaning machines are supremely durable, and will keep your facility clean, safe and productive so you can conduct business.    When power and durability are critical to maintaining efficient operations and profitability, Tornado’s industrial product family is designed to meet the most rigorous cleaning demands and includes:

  • Internal and External Filter Jumbo Vacuums
  • EZ Floorkeeper Automatic Scrubber
  • Critical Filtration Vacuum 7000
  • Clean-Air Floor Glazer 2000 with dust-free twin air filtration system
  • Kawasaki ProGlazer Floor Machine with EPA engine approval
  • TaskForce External Filter Air or Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • and more.

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