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Columbia Public Schools Use Cylindrical Brush Floor Cleaning Technology and Win 2011 Missouri Green Cleaning Award

As you might remember, we recently published a story on Columbia Public School (CPS) 2010 National Green Cleaning Award for their use of Tornado’s CV 30 Vacuum and PV 10 Pac-Vac Backpack Vacuum. Well, CPS has done it once again in 2011 and has proudly received the overall Grand Award for Green Cleaning in the K-12 School category! They’ve achieved this honor through dedication and commitment to green cleaning. Tornado is proud to be a continued part of this program through the district’s use of the BR 18/11 cylindrical brush automatic scrubber for hard floor care. CPS is not only cleaning hard floors more effectively, they are improving the health and safety of building occupants and staff, while reducing water and chemical consumption.

Sponsored by American Schools and University Magazine, in conjunction with the Green Cleaning Network and Healthy Schools Campaign, the Green Cleaning Award recognizes educational institutions around the country for their outstanding achievement and efforts in creating healthy and sustainable cleaning programs that serve to protect the health of staff, students, and visitors, without harming the environment.

Awards are determined by a jury of green-cleaning experts based on the comprehensiveness and quality of an institution’s cleaning program, as well as use of:

  • Use of green-cleaning products
  • Equipment and supplies designed for sustainability
  • Green-cleaning procedures and practices
  • Recycled paper and plastic products
  • Shared responsibility initiatives, involving students, staff, and teachers

The Switch to "Green" Cleaning Equipment is Smart

Tornado is proud to play a part in Columbia School District’s (CPS) green cleaning initiatives. CPS has been using Tornado’s BR 18/11 Automatic Scrubbers to help ensure they meet the criteria for green cleaning equipment, as defined by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) policy.

Working with Mr. Dave Thompson from the Green Clean Institute, the district switched from disc automatic scrubbers to Tornado’s BR 18/11 cylindrical brush scrubbers to improve cleaning productivity, the health and safety of front-line workers and occupants, and reduce water and chemical usage. Since doing so, Mike Jones, Assistant Director of Custodial Services comments, “The Tornado® BR 18/11 has increased our cleaning productivity, plus our cleaning costs have gone down since we’ve eliminated the use of disc pads.” CPS has also reduced scrubber maintenance down-time due to battery overcharging also. “Tornado’s BR 18/11 cylindrical brush scrubber uses maintenance-free dry-cell traction Advanced Glass Matt (AGM) batteries that are charged with a special battery charger that never over-charges the battery.”

During education sessions conducted by the Green Clean Institute, Columbia School District’s custodial staff learn about the benefits of cylindrical brush scrubbing technology and how it can improve health, productivity, reduce cleaning costs and environmental waste. In accordance with the Missouri Green Cleaning Guidelines and Specifications for Schools, Jones’s maintenance staff also keeps a detailed log of all maintenance conducted on their cleaning equipment, making sure routine maintenance is conducted to the scrubbers, ensuring their units stay in top working condition. With close to 1/3rd of the Columbia, Missouri community using the public school system comprised of 37 buildings, Tornado applauds the Columbia School District’s well deserved recognition, green cleaning initiatives, commitment to their staff, students, and the entire Columbia community.

About Green Clean Institute and Mr. David Thompson

With over thirty years of experience in the janitorial industry, David Thompson has been honored with a number of awards, including ISSA Green Clean Expert Certification. As president of the Green Clean Institute, Dave brings his experience and knowledge to front-line workers via education programs designed to maximize cleaning productivity while protecting the health of workers, building occupants, and the environment. Since 2006, the Green Clean Institute (GCI) has educated more than 2,000 people and firms in the basics of Green cleaning. Dave has participated as a sub-committee member establishing the Missouri Green Cleaning Guidelines for Schools, which was adopted by the State of Missouri and signed into law in 2009. Dave is also a senior sales member at a leading janitorial distributor based in St. Louis, Missouri, New System Janitorial & Maintenance. New System is a noted and well respected, authoritative source for Green Cleaning products and training.

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