Case Studies

Make Hurricane Restoration or Disaster-Recovery Jobs Faster, Easier and More Profitable

“The Windshear Storm is a super-compact, powerful dryer that reduces dry-time dramatically, leaving our customer’s floors and surfaces dry and safe for use. At half the size of a traditional blower, the Storm is easy and safe to transport and simple to stow away when not in use!“

Sara, Holland Michigan

When time is money, you get more drying productivity and profits with the all-new Windshear Storm! Utilizing all-new “Driven Air” technology, this compact, low-amp unit is changing the blower/dryer market as we know it today. The Windshear Storm is dramatically lighter and smaller, offering high airflow volume with velocity of 3,200 feet per minute. What’s more, with a compact and light “briefcase-style” profile and maximum running amps of only 2.4, this unit creates the perfect Storm of drying performance, size and affordability.

During storm season, you can rely on our full Windshear Blower Family of air-movers from Tornado® to tackle all of your drying needs in literally any facility or natural-disaster clean-up environment.

Perfect for Drying:

  • Carpets
  • Hard floors
  • Walls
  • General air circulation
  • Paint, and much more!

Equipment Fuels Green Program

Dehumidification can save money when it comes to restoration and replacement costs, as well as reduce costs of downtime and delayed production schedules. Tornado Windshear blowers have the power and capability to remove moisture quickly and efficiently from carpets, dry wall and more, so that you can get back to normal after a storm or flood.

By strategically placing dryers throughout water-damaged rooms, drying time speeds-up, and the extent of water-damage can be minimized significantly. The results? You can get back to normal faster, and may even be able to salvage carpet padding or dry wall, saving even more money and time!

You can rely on Tornado® as your clean up team, drying wet floors, walls, and even more!

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