Vortex Multi-Surface Scrubbers


Multi-Surface Scrubbers

We have revamped our popular BR Multiwash Scrubbers with the new line of Tornado Vortex Multi-Surface Scrubbers – now easier than ever to assemble, use and maintain. These versatile machines effectively clean virtually any hard or soft surface, including hard, uneven floors like tile, VCT and concrete, soft floors like rubber sports mats, entrance mats and commercial carpet, and even escalators! The cylindrical brush technology of the Vortex gives it deep cleaning power, with brush speeds up to four times greater than comparable disk scrubbers and reaching down into cracks and crevices to clean dirt and debris that pads just pass over. Utilizing counter-rotating cylindrical brushes to scrub and lift dirt and water onto a rotating recovery drum, these low-moisture scrubbers will have your floors clean and dry in no time.

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  • Available in 9”, 13” and 18” sizes.
  • Utilizes 30% less water than disk scrubbers, resulting in cost savings on chemicals and water, and minimizing moisture that leads to mold, bacteria and allergens.
  • Compact, low-profile design allows for cleaning hard to reach areas in corners, kitchens, bathrooms and other tight spaces a standard scrubber just can’t fit.
  • Quiet operation (69 DBA), so you can clean anytime.
  • Optional accessories include additional brush options to best suit your floor type, a side brush for edge cleaning, and a cart for ease of transport.
  • Easily removable solution and recovery tanks for fast filling, emptying and cleaning.
  • Wider, more comfortable handle with one simple push button to dispense cleaning solution.
  • NameVortex 9Vortex 13Vortex 18
    Dimensions (L x W x H)15"x14"x43"15"x17"x43"15"x22"x43"
    Weight (Lbs.)475868
    Solution/Recovery Tank (Gal.)1/0.51/0.751/1
    Tank constructionPolyethylenePolyethylenePolyethylene
    Brush Type2, counter-rotating cylindrical2, counter-rotating cylindrical2, counter-rotating cylindrical
    Brush Width (In.)91318
    Brush RPM650650650
    Cleaning Rate (Sq. Ft./Hr.)269137754844
    Sound Level dB(A)696971
    Cord Length (In.)404040
    Brush Motor (W)7509501150
    Pump Motor (W)262626
    Brush Pressure (g/cm2)220190170

    Catalog #DescriptionImage
    93172 Soft Brush 9” (2 required)
    93121 Soft Brush 13” (2 required)
    93217 Soft Brush 18” (2 required)
    93173 Hard Brush 9” (2 required)
    93122 Hard Brush 13” (2 required)
    93218 Hard Brush 18” (2 required)
    93072 Side Brush 9”
    93049 Side Brush 13”
    93094 Side Brush 18”
    05-4781-0000 Transport Cart

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