Torrent 43

Torrent 43

Walk-Behind Battery Sweeper

Leave no debris behind with the new Torrent 43 Walk-Behind Battery Sweeper! Raising the bar for sweeper technology, the Torrent 43 features an innovative Tandem Roller System (TRS) with dual counter-rotating brushes that effectively capture everything from large debris to dirt and sand. Maximize productivity and efficiently clean large spaces with the ability to cover over 47,000 sq. ft./hr., two foldout side brooms with an expandable sweeping path range of 35.4”-43” wide, and battery run time of up to 2.5 hours. With oversized 14” front wheels and a strategically positioned rear caster wheel, this sweeper has superior maneuverability and effortless handling in tight spaces and over cracks in pavement, thresholds, and uneven hard surfaces.

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  • Tandem Roller System that uses the front brush as a transport roller while the rear brush rotates against the direction of travel to maximize the intake of dirt and debris
  • Two foldout side brushes providing a sweeping path range of 35.4”-43” wide and enabling effective cleaning of corners and along edges
  • The side brushes are easily moved in and out, have non-marking wheels, and retract upon contact for the protection of walls and doorways
  • Powerful, front-mounted LED headlight to illuminate all dust and debris in the cleaning path
  • Easy operation with intuitive controls and a clearly visible charging indicator with hour meter
  • Includes a flat-pleat filter that the continuously-active dust control motor vacuums dust particles through prior to depositing debris in the hopper
  • Safety features include a panel key for opening the hood, preventing access to the motor and mechanics while the machine is running
  • ModelTorrent 43
    Catalog NumberTW050-W43-U
    Cleaning Path
    Side Broom(s) Retracted
    Side Broom(s) Extended
    Main Brush

    Hopper Capacity 17gal
    Productivity per Hour47,361 sq. ft./hr.
    Battery Type2 x 12V/50Ah (C20) AGM
    Run TimeUp to 2.5hrs
    Charge Time8hrs
    Sweeping TechnologyTandem Roller System (TRS)
    Suction SystemYes
    Suction Off Switch (for wet debris)Yes
    Filtration SystemSingle Stage Filtration with Flat-Pleat Filter
    Filter ShakerElectric
    Dust ControlOver-throw filtration system
    Sound Level62 dB (A)
    Main Brush TypeCylindrical
    Side Brush Type (2x)Rotary
    LED HeadlightYes
    Tank ConstructionPolyethylene
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (in.)65 x 32 x 47
    Weight without batteries207 lbs
    Weight with batteries273 lbs

    Catalog #DescriptionImage
    39813 Brush Roll
    39801 Side Broom
    39807 Filter
    39823 Set of Keys
    39817 Front Rubber Flap
    39818 Left Rubber Flap
    39819 Right Rubber Flap
    39824 Square Hood Key

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